Node Red, MQTT and Tado

I use Node Red and MQTT around the house for a simple home automation system. After getting Tado installed, I wondered how easy it would be to link it in. Actually, it is very easy:


This flow pulls info from the Tado site every minute and creates MQTT messages for my other flows to pick up. As I have other wireless temperature nodes around the house, I could spot that the heating is on and a window is open by looking at temperature differences around the house.

For the HTTP Request node:




And the Function Node

These were the items I was interested in. There are others available, type the HTTP Request line into your web browser to see them all.



if (msg.payload === “” ) {
return null;
var tado = JSON.parse(msg.payload); = tado.insideTemp.toFixed(1);
msg1 = {topic:“House/Tado/insideTemp”,};
msg2 ={topic:“House/Tado/operation”,};
msg3 = {topic:“House/Tado/operationTrigger”,payload:tado.operationTrigger};

msg4 = {topic:“House/Tado/setPointTemp”,payload:tado.setPointTemp}; = tado.controlPhase;
msg5 = {topic:“House/Tado/controlPhase”,};
return [msg1, msg2, msg3, msg4, msg5];

The extra function node “Add Tado Temp…” just takes the Tado Temperature and adds it to another Topic

The Debug output is shown below:


Hope that this is useful!


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