Hive Active – Thermostat readings into MQTT

I have switched from my Tado system to the new British Gas Hive system  ( as the control unit is much more wife friendly. Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 19.09.31

The Tado system (at the time) did not have an official API so I had to build an integration into NodeRed to link it with my Home Automation system. The Tado system was very good at determining whether we were home or not, and switching the heating off when not needed.

The Hive system only sends a message when leaving or approaching home (at present) and without an API you cannot interact with it.

I found some great information on a forum which enabled me to build a Python application to pull key information from the Hive system and publish it to MQTT. This is based on a hive2emoncms application and updated to use the new API calls.

The current version will read values from Hive – the next will allow the control of Hive Active via MQTT!.

The application supports Hive v1, Hive Active 2, Single Channel and Dual channel controllers.

The code can be downloaded here: Github

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    1. I decided on a different route. I am now using Node Red to receive info from Hive using the latest API. I must write it up. Currently it is read only, giving the same info as before, but it will be fairly easy to add control. My Amazon Alexa stuff got in the way!

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