IoTBox Hardware

Here is the final parts list for the IoTBox. Each item links to the version that I used. They may link to multipacks (I built 30-35 IoTBoxes) but you only need 1 unless noted.

2015-06-28 14.38.24
The final IoTBox

During the beta testing I have tried and killed many boxes and components to get this far. Hopefully it will save you some time and expense. Note that many items came via China to reduce the unit price.

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IoTBox. First steps…

“I want one! – actually can I have 30?”

I took my idea to a few people – the inventors of NodeRed and a couple of members of the team and they thought that the idea was sound – produce a simple IoTBox that we can use in demonstrations to show how connected devices can make use of our products. I was then asked “Can we have 30 ready in a few weeks?”. I had better work fast!.

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IoTBox – an Internet of Things, thingy.

The final version of the IoTBox

2015-06-28 14.38.19
The final version

The IoTBox is a small 5x5cm device with an OLED screen that displays MQTT messages, an RGB LED to show MQTT messages as a status colour, a button that triggers an MQTT message and a waterproof temperature sensor that sends MQTT messages and/or a REST call. It can be updated “OTA” and is powered by the USB connector.

These articles will show you how to build one.

Background to IoTBox

Back in December 2014, I started to look at a new Wifi chip that had just been released as a means of Internet enabling various Arduino projects that I had been thinking about. I soon realised that this processor (the ESP8266) was actual more powerful than the Arduino and much much cheaper.

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